Notes from Pastor Calvin

Easter and Upcoming Events!

Dear Church Family, Resurrection Sunday is April 5th. What a wonderful day to worship our risen Savior! I want to encourage you to bring someone with you on Easter Sunday! In all the work that has been done to grow churches it has been discovered that the personal invitation of church members is the number…

A Wonderful February

Dear Church Family, What a joy it was to baptize two precious believers as a part of our worship service this past Sunday. We always rejoice to stir the baptismal waters and pray that we will see it over and over again. I rejoice in the recent NCBC 101 class that we had last Sunday….

Merry Christmas!

Dear Church Family, The coming of Jesus in the manger is the time that God burst on the scene in preparation for dying on the cross to pay for the sins of mankind. This payment of sin allows you and I to stand forgiven before our Lord and have the hope of heaven. Any giving…

Upcoming Events